cement vertical mill liner applications and wear analysis
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cement vertical mill liner applications and wear analysis

vertical mill liner wear is inevitable with the increasing of operating time, so we need to improve its necessary technical performance before selecting and designing.

For the vertical mill under normal operation, grains properties have big influence on liner plate abrasive wear when liners are at given material and shape. Abrasive wear is heavier when grains are large and hard, other it is lighter. Abrasive wear is heavier when there is a higher temperature inside of the mill, other it is lighter. Therefore, it is very necessary to focus on these factors and learn how to control these during the production process.

In practice, lining plates made with good welding materials will not be worn out or break under serious working applications, but liners that with poor welding materials will be damaged and scrapped since they are not good wear resistant enough. For more chromium carbide overlay plate engineering cases in cement industry, please contact YaoYu for details.

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